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School Nutrition Program

Providing nutritious, healthy meals to students in Tennessee.

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TN School Nutrition Program Events

Welcome to the Tennessee Department of Education School Nutrition Program event management web portal. This site will host all information about upcoming events for the Program.

Individuals wishing to attend these events will be required to use this site to pre-register for events. Automated confirmations, reminders, and other helpful information regarding the events will be available here and, in some cases, delivered directy to registrants and attendees by email.

The TN web site will be a significant tool in providing attendees a quick way to register for an event, download pertinent information, and obtain all information in a timely, efficient manner.

Since meals and snacks will be provided, it is imperative that you register (or cancel if necessary) before the deadline. If you have not registered in advance, any meals will be at your own expense.

Please bookmark this site as your primary resource for information about the educational events coming up this year. If you have questions or comments regarding the site, click on the Contact tab above and use the form to send a message directly to the Event Management staff and technical support personnel.